Our Mission

We strive to provide affordable, quality education in safe, nurturing environment. Our efforts are to encourage all children to realize their true potential and seek educational challenges  with the spirit to serve the nation.

There is great emphasis on the overall development of a child being imbibed with good morals, etiquettes, respect for elders, the environment and other human beings with a strong belief in non-violence. The requisite opportunities are catered for them to excel not only in academics but extra academic fields as well..

Pole star education Society endeavors to instill in these impressionable minds, a fellow-feeling free from the bias of caste, creed, language, domicile and status.

Every effort is made to transform our students into perfectly accomplished human beings so that they can walk in the society with their head held high and with their feet firmly on the ground.

Aims & Object


Aims & Object of the Society for which it is established and shall extend to whole state of Punjab, Shall be as under.

1) The aim and object of the Society is “Service to Humanity”, mainly in Education

a) To celebrate important days and festivals and to inculcate in the students the Sportsman spirit and patriotism.
b) To work for National Integration and defense of the Country through education.
c) To entertain the students of the other parts of the Country with a view to provide education of Indian languages and Indian culture.
d) To send any member of the society to any part of the India and abroad for study tours.

2) To Purchasing Land in the name of Society to open the School, College, University and for Office.
3) To maintain and management the Building of School, College, University, and other property moveable and immovable of the Society.
4) To organize the function on every year
5) To construction and renovation of School, College, University and to open other Education & Professional institution on the name of POLE STAR
6) To made other provisions for Education and imparting education in Arts Management science and technology, etc.
7) To hold and manage Building of Education endowment, to erect, equip and manage school, college, University, laboratories, libraries, hostels etc.
8 ) To patronize, encourage and grants stipends to poor and deserving students for higher education with the consent of the members of the Society.
9) To perform, arrange the marriage of poor girls and to provide financial help, legal help, medical and other similar help to the poor, needy persons.
e) To accept or collect subscription, donation, grants, services, and interest from any person, association or corporation.
10) To do all such acts as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of above noted objectives.


The executive body of the Society:-

 Name                                                             Address                                                  Designation

 1. Mulakh Raj                                               Rome, Itally                                             Managing  Director

2. Manjot Virdi (Solicitor)                             London, U.K.                                           Managing   Director

3. Parveen Kaur                                           Nawashahar, Punjab                             Managing   Director/Principal

4.Navjot Virdi                                                Jalandhar, Punjab.                                  President

5. Bhupinder Singh                                     Nawashahar, Punjab                              Secretary

6.Sat Paul Virdi(Advocate)                         Jalandhar, Punjab                                    Legal Advisor